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April Home Sales Report for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana

06/01/2020 09:38:56

花火8There is still strong interest for homes for sale through this challenging time of COVID-19. Low interest rates and a low inventory of available homes for sale have continued the fast-paced home-buying market.

Here is a report by region of homes sales throughout April 2020:


Home sales did well with the circumstances of COVID-19 restrictions. The average home price rose 4.9%. Although showings decreased in the first half of the month due to stay-at-home orders, the latter half of April saw an increase of showings to pre-pandemic levels.

April 2020 vs April 2019

  • -20.21% Decrease in homes sold (1,907 homes vs 2,390 homes)
  • 4.90% Increase in average sale price ($233,430 vs $222,251)
  • 3.26% Increase in median sale price ($190,000 vs $184,000)
  • -16.40% Decrease in gross sales volume ($445,150,327 vs $531,824,239)

January–April 2020 vs January–April 2019

  • -3.66% Increase in homes sold (6,845 homes vs 7,105 homes)
  • 6.40% Increase in average sale price ($226,209 vs $222,521)
  • 4.90% Increase in median sale price ($190,000 vs $184,000)
  • 2.51% Increase in gross sales volume ($1,548,402,985 vs $1,510,510,302)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors April 2020 Home Sales Report



With the COVID-19 pandemic home sales decrease din April. However, the Dayton region did see an increase in average and median home sale prices – encouraging news for those thinking about selling their homes.

April 2020 vs April 2019

  • -22.24% Decrease in homes sold (1,372 homes vs 2,042 homes)
  • 6.27% Increase in average sale price ($187,564 vs $176,501)
  • 8.67% Increase in median sale price ($163,000 vs $150,000)
  • -17.36% Decrease in sales volume ($212,509,712 vs $257,162,074)

January–April 2020 vs January–April 2019

  • -.94% Decrease in homes sold (5,840 homes vs 6,336 homes)
  • 10.15% Increase in average sale price ($179,691 vs $163,127)
  • 11.44% Increase in median sale price ($154,900 vs $139,000)
  • 9.12% Increase in sales volume ($796,208,924 vs $729,666,487)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors April 2020 Home Sales Report



Although home sales decreased for the month (due to COVID-19), average and median sale prices rose. This is encouraging news to people thinking of selling their homes.

April 2020 vs April 2019

  • -18.60% Decrease in homes sold (499 homes vs 613 homes)
  • 11.16% Increase in average sale price ($217,501 vs $195,672)
  • 12.39% Increase in median sale price ($ 195,000 vs $173,500)
  • -9.52% Decrease in sales volume ($108,533,417 vs $119,946,953)

January–April 2020 vs January–April 2019

  • -2.44% Decrease in homes sold (1,961 homes vs 2,010 homes)
  • 11.25% Increase in average sale price ($214,837 vs $193,115)
  • 9.85% Increase in median sale price ($184,000 vs $167,500)
  • 8.54% Increase in sales volume ($421,296,602 vs $388,162,982)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors April 2020 Home Sales Report


Nine Ideas to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

05/25/2020 09:00:17

American craftsman house exterior. View of entry door and porchHomes with curb appeal draw in buyers and make them want to see what is inside. Here are nine tips to make your home’s curb appeal irresistible to them:

1 – Lots of Mulch
During warmer months, mulch makes garden beds look pleasing. Heavy mulching looks even better.

2 – Add Trim
Add more trim to windows and doors. Trim elevates something very basic and makes the home more special. Consider adding trim around your front door to make a grand entrance. Depending upon your home style, you may also want to add shutters to windows as a decorative element.

3 – Add Color
During warmer months, be sure to have a splash of color in your year. Seasonal flowers will look wonderful. Think about adding a colorful bench or chair on the front porch.

4 – Mailbox
Upscale your mailbox, house numbers or address plaque.

5 – Camouflage an Eyesore
If you have a large electrical box, piping or wires, paint them the same color as your home and they will be less noticeable. Add a small fence around your air conditioner or garbage area.

6 – Window Boxes
A window box filled with flowers can transform a so-so window into a showstopper.

7 – Create a Walkway
A simple stone pathway adds character to your yard.

8 – Update the Garage
It you have a plain garage door, consider purchasing a hardware kit to make your doors look like carriage-style garage doors.

9 – Lighting
Landscape lighting sets an ambiance for your yard in the evening.

Need assistance with your home curb appeal project? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for recommendations of vetted professionals.

Look for homes for sale here.



A Buyer’s Guide to Virtual Open Houses on 

05/21/2020 15:35:04

Virtual open houses are not brand new in real estate – but during the current COVID-19 situation they have become very popular. With record low inventory and many homes selling before multiple buyers get a chance to peek inside, we suspect they are here to stay.

A virtual open house gives buyers access to many of the benefits of a physical open house without having to get off the couch on Sunday afternoon or manage the schedules of a busy household. No hand sanitizer or mask necessary, this type of tour is as close as you can come to an in-person open house. They are a perfect opportunity to get details on the special features of a home, context on the floor plan and information on the community in an interactive way with the listing agent.

At every Sibcy Cline Virtual Open House, you can interact with the agent via chat, but you don’t have to be on camera. In most cases agents will automatically turn off video for all participants, but in all cases you have the option to keep your camera off. You can expect to see photos or live/pre-recorded walk-throughs of the home or neighborhood, statistics for the area, and other relevant information regarding the property.

Sibcy Cline Virtual Open Houses are held live at a scheduled time, but many of our agents can provide a recording of their Virtual Open House if you were unable to attend at the scheduled time. Just ask!


How To Attend a Sibcy Cline Virtual Open House
On, click on the Open House button in the navigation bar and select an area of interest. All available Sibcy Cline virtual open houses will be highlighted by city/suburb. From there, select a listing of interest and you can look all of the photographs and details on that page. Click on “Virtual Open” (highlighted in gold). You will then complete a form to register for the event and receive an email with the event details like the time and date of the virtual open house, the platform it will be hosted on (most often Facebook or Zoom) along with the link and password to access (if applicable).

Of course, you can always schedule a personal home showing with your agent. (Real estate is deemed an essential business.)

Happy house hunting – online, virtually, and in person! 

16 Ideas to Celebrate Memorial Day 2020 from your Home

05/19/2020 09:00:12

Flags 1Memorial Day 2020 is not to be the year for community parades or memorial services.  We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend at home and still honor those who have served and protected us with your own celebration. Here are 16 ideas to celebrate Memorial Day 2020 from your home:

  1. Plan an at-home BBQ or picnic. Food always smells and tastes best served from the grill!  If this is the first time to fire up your grill for the warmer season, go here for some grilling tips.
  2. Decorate your home with red, white and blue. Go to Pinterest for ideas.
  3. Write a letter to a soldier. Learn more on how to do that here or here.
  4. Send a care package to a soldier.
  5. Take a virtual memorial tour.  Or watch “The National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall”  (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox stations) The Vietnam Veterans Memorial will have an online commemoration at 1pm on May 25.
  6. Explain Memorial Day to your children.
  7. Learn how to fold the U.S. flag.
  8. Fly your flag!  (Flag etiquette here.)
  9. Listen to veterans’ stories.
  10. Make a red, white and blue dessert. See recipe ideas here and here.
  11. Decorate bicycles with red, white and blue – and ride them throughout your neighborhood (while social distancing.)
  12. Play yard games with your family.  Here’s an idea on how to create a DIY ring toss. Play “Lawn Twister” in the grass. Try a bean bag ladder toss.  Here is a link to more outdoor game ideas.
  13. Host an outdoor movie. Learn how to create your own outdoor theater.
  14. Camp in your backyard. Set up a tent, add blankets or sleeping bags along with pillows. Tell stories and gaze at the stars!
  15. Roast s’mores from your fire pit! (No fire pit? Use a terracotta pot!)
  16. Walk/run! “Wear Blue” in a virtual Memorial Day walk/run.


Community Memorial Day Events:

Centerville, Ohio
May 25, 2020 –9am

The city is hosting a private ceremony that will be live-streamed from Facebook.

Fairfield, Ohio
May 25, 2020 – Special Parade Brought to Veterans’ Homes

A drive-by parade (with vehicles from the police, fire and parks’ divisions) will pass by local veterans’ homes starting at 10am. Lights and sirens will mark their arrival. A private ceremony will also be streamed onto the Fairfield Facebook event page.

Florence, Kentucky
May 22–25, 2020.   Y’alls Animal Farm
UC Health Stadium at 7950 Freedom Way, Florence, KY 41042
Drive-thru animal farm from Honey Hill Farm.

Milford, Ohio
May 25, 2020 
Bring an American flag to wave during one of these ceremonies:
9:30am – Memorial Park
10:00am – Greenlawn Cemetery
10:30am – St. Andrew Cemetery
Ceremonies will also be broadcast on Facebook Live.

Park Hills, Kentucky 
May 25, 2020 –11:30am
Online flag-raising ceremony is scheduled.






Sibcy Cline Realtors Ranked as the Largest Residential Real Estate Company by the Business Courier for the 27th Year in a Row

05/18/2020 09:00:51

花火8For the 27th year in a row, Sibcy Cline Realtors has been ranked as the largest residential real estate company by the Business Courier. Rankings were based on 2019 sales volume.

Sibcy Cline has over 1,000 real estate agents and over 200 employees. Founded in the 1930s, the company has been a family-run firm since that time. Sibcy Cline is a full-service company with real estate, mortgage, relocation, insurance, title and home services divisions.



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