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Thinking of Selling Your Home on Your Own? Don’t Make “that” Mistake!

05/10/2021 09:00:00
FSBO selling your home

This fast-paced real estate market has some homes selling in just days or even hours. Many home buyers are lining up to make offers. Perhaps with this type of real estate market, you have considered trying to sell your home on your own (FSBO – for sale by owner) without the services of a real estate agent?

Here are some reasons why you should not sell your home by yourself:

Can You Attract Lots of Buyers?
The National Association of Realtors® reports 97% of all home buyers use the Internet throughout the home-buying process. Real estate agents and brokers (like Sibcy Cline Realtors) have a strong Internet presence already in place with strategies to promote homes for sale. Bypass a real estate professional and your reach to the home-buying market will be much smaller. You will, therefore, receive less offers and may lose out on stronger offers and possibly more money for your home.

Another important item to consider is the photography of your home. Properties for sale will have rooms staged to appeal to the largest segment of home buyers. This is part of your agent’s responsibility in marketing your home. For example, your agent will guide you to clear the kitchen counters of most appliances and to stow away hand towels and the garbage can from sight. The potential home buyer can then focus on your kitchen’s features instead of items found in that room.

You will have expenses with promoting your home that an agent normally covers. Items such as signs, flyers, professional photography, attorney fees, contracts and advertising all add up.

Lots of Details in the Home-Buying Process
When selling a home, there are lots of details that happen such as negotiations, home inspections and appraisals – to name a few. Real estate pros are trained to navigate all of these hurtles. Once you have a purchase contract on your home, your real estate agent is there to also make sure the mortgage process for the home buyer is handled smoothly. Your agent represents you and has a goal to to make sure your home closes with all of these type of details are taken care of.

Legal Items
There are other details when selling your home that are important such as mandatory legal disclosures and lead paint documents. If you are selling your home on your own, you need to be aware and follow the law. Real estate agents have error and omissions insurance in place in case a legal error is made. If you hire an attorney to close on the transaction, that professional may not have that type of insurance. (Example: You inform a buyer the floor under the carpet is wood and it ends up being another material. That’s a mistake.)

Opening your home to strangers is another reason you should reconsider selling on your own. Your agent will have protocols set up for personal showings. Buyers can be asked about mortgage pre-approvals to prevent “we’re just looking scenarios”. During COVID-19, protocols include wearing masks and gloves, wiping down doors that are touched as well as using digital tours as a way of promoting your home. Real estate agents who show your home follow a code of ethics to make sure your home and its contents are safe during showings.

If you try to sell your home on your own, you are in charge of negotiations. A real estate pro is trained and used to negotiating on your behalf. If there are challenges before you close on your home, your agent will work through those details – anything from results of a whole-home inspection, an appraisal snafu or problem with your home’s title.

Do you know your home’s true value? There are many tools on the Internet to get a “guestimate” of your home’s value. In this seller’s market, you may be surprised, however, how much your home is actually worth.

A Real Estate Agent is Going to Cost Me Money
You do pay a real estate commission when you sell your home with an agent, but will selling your home on your own really save you money?

People who seek out FSBO homes are also looking for a savings and will probably make low offers. In some situations, a FSBO seller can make less money from a sale. (See this report.) The reason? Homes listed with a real estate company are promoted via the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with other real estate brokers – thus marketing the home to a large sector of home buyers. The more buyers who see your home, the greater the chance for a bidding war that will drive your home price higher. Your agent has a goal to obtain the highest possible price for your home with terms that work in your favor. They want you to make a profit on your home!

Statistics also show that FSBOs who sell to someone they know end up selling for thousands of dollars under market value. Additionally, FSBOs take longer to sell when not sold to someone the seller knows.

Here are some 2020 stats from the National Association of Realtors about selling your home FSBO:

• 89% of home sellers in 2020 sold their homes with the assistance of a real estate agent
• 8% of home sales in 2020 sold via FSBO – 4% knew their sellers
• FSBO homes typically sell for less than the selling price of other homes (median price of $217,900 FSBO vs $295,000 with an agent)
• FSBO homes sold typically in under two weeks (agent-assisted sales took three weeks)
• Preparing and fixing the home up for sale as well as understanding and preforming the paperwork were the two most difficult steps for FSBO sellers
• 25% of FSBOs typically used yard signs to promote their homes for sale (46% did not actively market their home!)

2021 Guide to Farmers’ Markets in Southeastern Indiana – Buy “Virtual” from Many Farmers

05/01/2021 09:00:00
Southeastern Indiana Farmers Markets 2021 Sibcy Cline Realtors

There is nothing like eating fresh produce! Be sure to find a local farmer’s market in Southeastern Indiana to patronize. Most are open through October and offer local, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers, jams and other homemade foods.

Before heading out to your favorite farmers’ market, be sure to check on their way of handling crowd control during the COVID-19 situation. Some markets are accepting prepaid pre-orders only.

Our list is in order by day. If you see a local farmer’s market that is missing, please let us know at [email protected] and we will add it!

Busse’s Fruit and Vegetable Farm 
7096 State Road 48, Aurora, Indiana (mid June – October 2021)
You will also find them at the Lawrenceburg Farmers’ Market


White’s Farm – Flea and Farmer’s Market
6028 Holland Rd (US 52), Brookville, Indiana 47012 (year round)
Daylight to 12pm


Bright Farmer’s Market
Providence Presbyterian Church at 23983 Salt Fork Road, Bright, Indiana (June – October 2021)

Brookville Treatment plant in Brookville, Indiana (mid June – October 2021)


Batesville Farmer’s Market
Downtown Batesville, Indiana (May – October 2021)

Lawrenceburg Farmers’s Market
Newtown Park (along US 50), Lawrenceburg, Indiana (June – mid October, 2021)

Madison Farmers’ Market
Broadway Fountain at corner of Main Street and Broadway, Madison, Indiana (April – October, 2021)

Richmond Farmers’ Market 
Order online from vendors for cashless transactions and arrange for delivery/pick up.

Rising Sun Farmer’s Market
Corner of Main and Walnut Streets, Rising Sun, Indiana (May-October 2021)

Updated: March 29, 2021

2021 Guide to Local Farmers’ Markets in Dayton and Springfield, Ohio – Buy “Virtual” from Many Farmers

04/30/2021 09:00:00
Dayton Springfield Ohio Farmers Markets 2021 Sibcy Cline Realtors


There are many great reasons to live in Dayton, Ohio and local farmers’ markets is one of them. Most of these markets are open throughout the growing season into October, so be sure to check them out. There is nothing that compares to a fresh tomato bursting with flavor.

Before heading out to your favorite farmers’ market, be sure to check on their way of handling crowd control during the COVID-19 situation. Many markets are accepting prepaid pre-orders only.

Here’s our list of Dayton farmers’ markets including the days and times they are open. If you know of any local markets that aren’t featured on this list, please let us know ([email protected]) and we’ll add them. 


West Carrollton Farmers’ Market
833 E. Central Avenue, West Carrollton, Ohio. (June – Mid October, 2021)

Xenia Towne Square Farmers’ Market
Parking lot of Devil Wind Brewing at 130 South Detroit St., Xenia, Ohio.  (June – October 2021)

Mechanicsburg Farmers & Artisans Market
Unity Park at North Main Main St., Mechanicsburg, Ohio. (June– early September 2021)

Dayton VA Farmers Market
Dayton VA Medical Center at 4100 W. Third Street in Dayton, Ohio (mid June – September, 2021)
Usually has food trucks, too

Miami County Farmers’ Market
First Place Christian Center at 16 W. Franklin Street, Troy, Ohio (Year round)
5pm– 7pm
Virtual market. Place your order online then pick up your order.


Downtown Miamisburg Farmers’ Market
1146 E. Central Avenue at Miamisburg Christian Church, Miamisburg, Ohio. (July-October 2021)

Fairborn Farmers Market
Corner of Main Street and Grand Avenue (Fifth Third Commons parking lot) in Fairborn, Ohio. (April – October 2021)


2nd Street Market
600 E. 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio. (Year round)

Centerville Farmers’ Market – Not active this year
892 S. Main Street, Parking lot of Centerville Shopping Center, Centerville, Ohio. (May – October 2021)

Lebanon Farmers’ Market
Corner of Main Street and Sycamore Street, Lebanon, Ohio. (mid May – mid October 2020)

Market Wagon CinDay
Free pickup of local fresh produce at a Market Host location every Thursday

Piqua Community Farmers’ Market
High Street in front of the Piqua Public Library (Fort Piqua Plaza) in downtown Piqua, Ohio. (May 27 – mid September 2021)


2nd Street Market
600 E. 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio. (Year round)

St. Paris Farmers’ Market
3pm–6pm (Starts May 7, 2021)
135 W. Main Street (in front of the municipal building), St. Paris, Ohio

Sugarcreek Township Farmers’ Market
Sugarcreek Plaza at  6124 Wilmington Pike, Sugarcreek Township, Ohio.  (Mid May – Mid November 2021)
Winter Market: December – April. Every third Friday from 3pm–5pm


2nd Street Market
600 E 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio.  (Year round. Outdoor market: June-October)

Beavercreek Farmers’ Market
4051 Indian Ripple Road, Beavercreek, Ohio (June – October 2021)

Franklin Farmers’ Market
1 Benjamin Franklin Way, Downtown Franklin, Ohio
May 29 – September 11, 2021 (9am–1pm)

Greenville Farmers Market
4th and Broadway in Greenville, Ohio. (June 1 – mid October 2021)

Farmers Market at the Heights
Eichelberger Amphitheater at 8625 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights
No market on June 12, July 13 and September 11, 2021

This Old Farmer’s Market in Beavercreek
3930 Dayton Xenia Road in Beavercreek, Ohio (grounds of This Old Couch store). (mid May – mid October, 2021)

New Carlisle Farmer’s Market
113 W. Jefferson Street (downtown New Carlisle, Ohio  (mid June 15 – end of September 2021)

Oakwood Farmers’ Market
22 Orchard Drive at 22 Orchard Dr., Dayton, Ohio. (June 5–August 28, 2021)
Harvest Season through October 16, 2021

Shiloh Farmers’ Market
5300 Philadelphia Drive, Dayton, Ohio. (June 5 – October 2, 2021)
First half hour for elderly and at risk

Springfield Farmers Market
North Market Place (117 N. Fountain Ave), Springfield, Ohio.  (June – end of September 2021)
Indoor market January–March: 11am–2pm at Mother Stewarts Brewing Company

Trotwood Farmers Market
Northeast corner of Shiloh Springs and Salem Ave. Trotwood, Ohio. (June-October 2021)

Downtown Troy Farmers’ Market 
S Cherry Street and Main Street, Troy, Ohio. (June – September, 2021)

Yellow Springs Farmers Market
100 Dayton Street in the Bryan Center Parking lot, Yellow Springs, Ohio. (May – September, 2021) 
Except 2nd Saturdays in June and October: Moves to Sunday 8am–12pm
April, October and November: 8am–12pm 


2nd Street Market
600 E 2nd Street, Dayton, Ohio.  (Year round. Outdoor market: June-December)

Northmont Community Market
4810 Balzono Boulevard in Clayton, Ohio  (June- October 2021)
Check website. It was cancelled in 2020.

This Old Farmer’s Market
3930 Dayton Xenia Road in Beavercreek, Ohio. (mid May 2021 – mid October 2021)


Updated May 12, 2021

2021 Guide to Northern Kentucky Farmers’ Markets – Buy “Virtual” from many Farmers

04/29/2021 09:00:00
Northern Kentucky Farmers Markets 2021 Sibcy Cline Realtors

There are so many great reasons to live in Northern Kentucky and local farmers’ markets are one of them. Enjoy shopping for your locally grown fruits and vegetables through October by visiting one of these markets listed below.

Before heading out to your favorite farmers’ market, be sure to check on their way of handling crowd control during the COVID-19 situation. Many markets are accepting pre-paid, pre-orders only.

If you know of any local markets that aren’t mentioned on this list, please let us know at [email protected] and we’ll add them!  


Boone County Farmers Market
6028 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington, Kentucky.
Hours: 10am–5pm (mid May – October 2021)
Summer Hours: 9am–6pm  (end of May 25 – early September, 2021)
Winter Hours: Day after Thanksgiving through April: 10am–8pm (weather permitting)
Curbside pick up and social distancing


Highland Heights Farmers’ Market
3054 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, Kentucky. (May–October, 2021)
3pm–6pm May–October

Mason County Farmers Market
Old Washington Meeting House at 2114 Old Main Street, Maysville, Kentucky


Bellevue Farmers’ Market
95 Riviera Drive, Bellevue, Kentucky
Wednesdays 3pm–7pm

Fort Thomas Farmers’ Market 
Tower Park at Shelter #2 at 950 Cochran Avenue, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.
3pm–7pm (June 3 –September 30, 2020)
3pm–6pm (October 2020)


Dixie Farmers’ Market
116 Commonwealth Avenue, Erlanger, Kentucky. (May–late October 2020)


Alexandria Farmers’ Market
7634 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, Kentucky.  (starts June 5, 2020)


Bellevue Farmers’ Market
95 Riviera Drive, Bellevue, Kentucky
Saturdays 8am–1pm (through November)

Campbell County Farmers’ Market
709 Monmouth Street, Newport, Kentucky. Near Pepper Pod.  (May 30 – October 2020)

Covington Farmers’ Market
Order online from vendors for cashless transactions and arrange for delivery or pickup.
(Orders need to be placed by 8pm on Thursday.)

Limited supply of full or half Market Bundles are also available (eggs/produce/bread/meat/shelf-stable products)  at the RCOV office at 2 W. Pike Street during market house 9am–1pm. 

Winter market: January–April: 9am–1pm
Braxton Brewery at 27 W. 7th Street, Covington, Kentucky
During the Corona Virus situation, you can pre-order your items and pick up from
Braxton Brewery

Spring market: May–October: 9am–1pm
Roebling Point District at 3rd and Greenup, Covington, Kentucky

DCCH Farmers’ Market of Fort Mitchell
75 Orphanage Road, Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. (May 2 – October 2021)

Independence Farmers’ Market
5272 Madison Pike (Independence Court House), Independence, Kentucky.  (Starting May, 2021)

Highland Heights Farmers’ Market
3054 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, Kentucky. (April–May, 2021)
10am–3pm April–May 

Mason County Farmers Market
Old Washington Meeting House at 2114 Old Main Street, Maysville, Kentucky



Highland Heights Farmers’ Market
3054 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, Kentucky. (April–May, 2021)
10am–3pm April–May

Updated: April 26, 2021

March 2021 – Local Home Sales Report

04/28/2021 09:00:00

March 2021 had moderate temperatures and was record setting for average price increases. In Cincinnati, the median sales price increased for the 23rd consecutive month (over the prior year). The median days on market was just two days – a 50% decrease from March 2020. In Dayton, the average sale price of $204,779 was up 10% from last year, and a median sale price of $175,000, up almost 9% from last year. In Northern Kentucky, home sales rose by almost 5% and sales prices increased by almost 11%.

Mortgage rates are low. Home values are high. It’s a great time to list your home for sale and for buyers to find their dream home.

Here is a report by region of homes sales throughout March 2021:


March 2021 vs March 2020

  • -2.1% Increase in homes sold (2,049 homes)
  • 12.3% Increase in median sale price ($219,000)
  • 17.2% Increase in sales volume ($545,240,796)
  • -50.% Decrease in median days on market (2 days)
  • -52.8% Decrease in active homes for sale (1,401 units)
  • -.09% Decrease in new listings (2,741)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors® March 2021 Home Sales Report


March 2021 vs March 2020

  • -5.0% Decrease in homes sold (1,255 units)
  • 10.84% Increase in average sale price ($204,779)
  • 8.70% Increase in median sale price ($175,000)
  • 5.3% Increase in gross sales volume ($256,900,000)
  • -.66% Increase in new listing units (1,679)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors March 2021 Home Sales Report


March 2021 vs March 2020

  • 4.74% Increase in homes sold (619 homes vs 591 homes)
  • 9.33% Increase in average sale price ($245,568 vs $224,607)
  • 9.38% Increase in median sale price ($211,000 vs $192,900)
  • 14.51% Increase in sales volume ($152,007,138 vs $132,743,307)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors® March 2021 Home Sales Report

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