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The rural area of Boone County that is now known as Rabbit Hash was first settled around 1813, three years before its cross-river neighbor (Rising Sun) Indiana became a state. As steamboat travel and trade increased up and down the Ohio River, a ferry and general store were eventually opened on the banks of the Ohio River and a river town was born. Originally known as Carlton, for one of Boone County’s earliest settlers James Carlton, the town was asked by the postal service to change its name when increasing amounts of mail were getting mixed up with that of the nearby town of Carrollton. The name of Rabbit Hash came from a local man who proclaimed during the winter of 1847 that there should be plenty of rabbit hash to eat due to flooding forcing all lowland creatures to seek higher ground, creating an influx of rabbits in the area.


Rabbit Hash, KY consist of a 7-square mile area along the banks of the Ohio River approximately 20 miles southwest of Cincinnati. Home to just over 300 residents, Rabbit Hash welcomes thousands of visitors every year who seek out the nostalgia of The Rabbit Hash General Store and surrounding antiquities. The whimsically-named town is also known for their canine mayors. Rabbit Hash’s first mayor, elected in 1998, was a dog of unknown parentage by the name of Goofy Borneman-Calhoun. He has been succeeded in office by Junior Cochran (Labrador), Lucy Lou (Border Collie) and current Mayor Brynneth Pawltro (Pitbull).


Rabbit Hash is most easily accessed via KY-18 via Burlington, KY or KY-536 via Union, KY. Interstate 71 is approximately 15 miles from Rabbit Hash. A ferry from Rising Sun, Indiana to Rabbit Hash was also recently approved by Boone County officials.


St. Elizabeth in Florence is approximately 17 miles northeast of Rabbit Hash.


Rabbit Hash is home to the famed Rabbit Hash General Store. You can also find antiques and crafts at local shops. Additional shopping can be found in nearby Union, KY. Florence Mall Shopping district is approximately 16 miles northeast of Rabbit Hash.


Any visit to Rabbit Hash should be considered recreation in itself, whether it is to hear a local band play or to sit along the banks to watch boats, barges, and time float by. Hiking, camping, fishing and other outdoor recreation opportunities can be found at nearby Big Bone Lick State Historic Site. There are several riverboat casinos along the Indiana banks of the Ohio River in Lawrenceburg, Rising Sun and Florence, Indiana.