Local Legacies: Sibcy Cline and Star One Unite

This powerful partnership aims to raise the standard for real estate service in the Tristate.

On February 27, 2024, Sibcy Cline, Inc. officially announced the acquisition of Star One REALTORS ®.  As two multigenerational, locally owned and operated companies, Star One and Sibcy Cline share a deep commitment to our agents, employees, and community. Together we plan to raise the standard of service provided to local buyers, sellers, and homeowners and broaden our real estate network across the region with additional offices in convenient locations. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Star One agents and employees to Sibcy Cline,” said Sibcy Cline President, Robin Sheakley. “Their commitment to professionalism and their clients has earned them much-deserved respect in our industry. Even though we have been competitors for decades, we’ve always felt aligned with their vision and values.”  

Star One partners, Mark Meinhardt, Patti Stehlin, Jim Grady, and the family of JoJo Schwarz, spent a long time considering the best move for their agents as they looked toward the future of their company and the industry. As a mid-sized brokerage of 200-300 licensed agents and employees, they had always aimed to be big enough to be powerful and small enough to provide top-notch support.  The real estate industry has experienced rapid change over the past several years, and the needs of agents and their clients have grown. 

“We are so impressed by the dedication, capability, and open arms of Sibcy Cline’s team. Joining forces with people as driven by service as we are is extremely important to us. The fit had to be right and this feels like the right move at the right time,” said Meinhardt. As a two-time recipient of both RAGC REALTOR of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards, and honored by Ohio REALTORS® for Community Service, Meinhardt’s passion for serving his agents, clients, and community is unquestioned. 

Finding so much common ground on values and vision for the future is not surprising considering the history we share. Mark Meinhardt became President and CEO of Star One when his father passed suddenly in 2011. "I know that experience well,” said Rob Sibcy, who stepped up to lead Sibcy REALTORS® in 1969 following his own father’s passing. “George Meinhardt was a legend in the local real estate industry, and we worked closely together through the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®. Mark has done an admirable job staying true to his father's vision while making it his own.” 

The Sibcy family knows a thing or two about legacy. Following the acquisition of Cline REALTORS® in the early 80s, Rob and Pam Sibcy expanded the company’s offerings to establish the full-spectrum real estate experience homebuyers and sellers know today. They remained at the helm of Sibcy Cline until 2019, when their daughter, Robin Sibcy Sheakley, took over as the fourth-generation leader.  

“One of the greatest blessings of my life is having wonderful parents who have mentored and guided me both personally and professionally. They have accomplished so much and continue to devote their time and energy to our company and community. I am lucky to have such incredible role models,” Sheakley said. 

Robin started working for the family business in the summer during high school. Since joining full-time in 1996, she has navigated countless roles across Sibcy Cline’s suite of services, learning the needs, and earning the confidence of employees and agents. As President, Robin has led the company through a brand and digital transformation, the COVID pandemic, and historic changes in the market with a steady hand and eyes on the future. “Mark and I grew up living and breathing real estate and working with our parents. We share so many life experiences as leaders, and I feel fortunate to finally be sitting on the same side of the table,” says Sheakley. 

Patti Stehlin is similarly devoted. She started her real estate career answering phones after school for George Meinhardt and rose through the ranks to become a partner and COO of Star One alongside Mark. She is looking forward to working in Sibcy Cline’s highly collaborative environment. “I am energized by this change," she said. "I’m truly excited to bring what I’ve learned throughout my career to a new organization and to embrace opportunities to learn and grow myself. The benefits for our agents and clients are substantial, and we are prepared to support a smooth transition.” 

Both licensed for over three decades, Meinhardt and Stehlin have an extensive history of involvement in real estate organizations on the local, state, and national level. They will join Sibcy Cline’s executive team as senior vice presidents while they transition the remaining brokerage business at Star One. Mark will partner with fellow West Sider and Elder Alum, Rob Streicher, to head up sales at Sibcy Cline and Patti will bring her wealth of knowledge to our brokerage operations alongside the rest of the executive team.  

“Real estate is all about people and connections,” said Sheakley. “It’s exciting to welcome new faces and fresh perspectives to Sibcy Cline. We’re ready to grow together.” 

Sibcy Cline's Executive Team from left to right: Natalie Dalton, Robin Sheakley, Rob Streicher, Eva Kavanagh, Mark Meinhardt, Brooke Balcom, Eric Barrett, Patti Stehlin.

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