Mt. Airy, OH Real Estate For Sale

2215 Raeburn Drive Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1740132
  • 49 photos
  • Sale Pending
2310 Raeburn Terrace Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1740954
  • 30 photos
2507 Proudhon Way Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1741821
  • 38 photos
  • Sale Pending
2525 Proudhon Way Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1738893
  • 46 photos
  • Sale Pending
5100 Colerain Avenue Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1742727
  • 10 photos
2502 Rack Court Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1737462
  • Sale Pending
2518 W North Bend Road Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1743450
  • 27 photos
2348 Whitewood Lane Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1740131
  • 28 photos
  • Sale Pending
2524 Airy Court Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1734313
  • 5 photos
  • Sale Pending
2503 Rack Court Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1743821
  • 9 photos
5438 Vogel Road Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1739963
5384 Scarletoak Drive Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1741706
  • 41 photos
  • Sale Pending
2351 Buddleia Court Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1739826
  • 21 photos
  • Sale Pending
2257 Banning Road Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1742072
  • 17 photos
  • Sale Pending
5573 Regimental Place Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1738955
  • 27 photos
  • Sale Pending
5238 Horizonvue Drive Mt. Airy, OH
  • MLS#: 1744415
  • 11 photos
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Mt. Airy, OH Community Information

Mt. Airy is refreshingly different from any other suburban community.


Neat, smaller homes in quiet neighborhoods border a tremendous forest that offers more than a recreational facility. The 2,000 acres of dense, lush woodland provide a natural environment for those who enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature. Although the majority of houses in Mt. Airy were constructed soon after World War II, they are in mint condition. Most are attractive, moderately priced, single-family designs. However, there are a number of magnificent newer homes that add an atmosphere of prestigious comfort. Considering that it's located at the highest point of land in Hamilton County, just minutes from downtown and the University of Cincinnati, with no industry and a small town atmosphere, it's easy to see why Mt. Airy is a clean, invigorating place to live.


Queen City Metro buses circle the entire area on about an hourly schedule, with more frequent runs at rush hour. I-75 is three miles away. I-74 makes the area readily accessible to all parts of the county. Driving time to Downtown Cincinnati is 15 minutes.


Good Samaritan and Deaconess Hospitals are about 15 minutes away. Mercy Fransiscan-Mt. Airy is general, medical and surgical, and is located on the north edge of the community. Mercy Franciscan Hospital - Western Hills is just 10 minutes away.


There are many small retail outlets on both Colerain Avenue and Galbraith Road. The White Oak-Monfort Heights convenience centers are about five minutes away. One can reach the Western Hills Shopping Center complex with three major department stores and some 70 shops and restaurants in 10 minutes. Within three miles is the Northgate Shopping Center complex with three major department stores and some 100 shops and restaurants.


Mt. Airy Forest offers play areas, nature trails, picnic grounds and shelter buildings. Three private swim clubs are in the area or nearby with a public pool at Mt. Airy school. Miami-Whitewater and Winton Woods Parks, about 20 minutes away, offer excellent public golf courses. The private Clovernook Country Club with an 18-hole golf course is nearby. There are several well-stocked fishing lakes in the area. Several playgrounds accommodate an abundant outdoor sports program in season.

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