Mt. Adams, OH Real Estate For Sale

1221 Ida Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1725024
  • 10 photos
  • New Construction
  • Sale Pending
1225 Ida Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1725121
  • 10 photos
  • New Construction
325 Oregon Street 8 Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1727763
  • Code: 5389
  • 23 photos
  • New Construction
327 Oregon Street 9 Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1727764
  • Code: 5879
  • 23 photos
  • New Construction
329 Oregon Street 10 Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1727766
  • Code: 6002
  • 23 photos
  • New Construction
392 Baum Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1735177
  • 44 photos
  • Sale Pending
1002 Paradrome Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1734783
  • 7 photos
  • New Construction
367 Oregon Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1730160
  • 50 photos
9 Filson Place Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1740140
  • 48 photos
1221 A Ida Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1626676
  • Sale Pending
1120 Fuller Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1725663
  • 28 photos
1238 Elsinore Avenue Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1742860
  • 25 photos
991 Parkside Place Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1740735
  • 50 photos
  • Sale Pending
1010 Hatch Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1737756
  • 33 photos
  • Sale Pending
1 Filson Place 3A Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1740442
  • 49 photos
1116 Fuller Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1712203
  • 50 photos
  • Sale Pending
1260 1282 Elsinore Place Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1583576
  • Code: 6959
  • 4 photos
1265 Ida Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1744508
  • 29 photos
1221 D Ida Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1626979
  • Sale Pending
1025 A Monastery Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1694162
1142 Carney Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1740102
  • 35 photos
  • Sale Pending
1005 Hill Street A Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1736895
  • 33 photos
937 Monastery Street B Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1741117
  • 44 photos
  • Sale Pending
982 Hatch Street Mt. Adams, OH
  • MLS#: 1742356
  • Sale Pending
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Mt. Adams, OH Community Information

There’s nothing in Cincinnati quite like the hilltop excitement of Mt. Adams. Down the steep, winding streets of this community are many fashionable stores, restaurants and chic “watering holes".


A lively village atmosphere is one of the factors that attract so many people. Residents feel “the hill” offers them a unique kind of urban life and for that reason there is a deep sense of community pride. Most of the box-like brick and frame homes, constructed firmly into the hillside, have been beautifully renovated. The addition of new sidewalks, new street lights and new trees gives a stylish look to the area. With breathtaking river and city views and the downtown cultural activities just five minutes away, Mt. Adams has gained a reputation for being a highly desirable place to live and watch the nationally famous fireworks display on the Ohio River on Labor Day.


Mt. Adams provides quick access to Interstate 71. Driving time to downtown is approximately 5 minutes. Queen City Metro buses serve the area on convenient schedules.


A few minutes to the northwest of Mt. Adams are the following hospitals: Children’s Hospital Medical Center, The Christ Hospital, University Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.


There are many convenient neighborhood shops throughout the Mt. Adams area including small grocery stores, dress shops and boutiques. Downtown shopping is only five-minutes away. Mt. Adams also offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars. The Blind Lemon is historic to Mt. Adams and features live music. Mt. Adams Pavilion is another iconic place for a drink – and its back deck offers incredible views.


Mt. Adams has its own Community Center which offers a variety of activities. Some local clubs and organizations include the Mt. Adams Civic Association and the Cincinnati Art Club, which is by membership. The Mt. Adams Pool is located behind Playhouse in the Park. Mt. Adams hosts several yearly community events: Mt. Adams French Wine Festival, Mt. Adams Art Walk, Halloween on The Hill, Reindog Parade and the Mt. Adams Luminaria.

Residents can easily walk (or drive) to enjoy the arts. Playhouse in the Park offers live performances throughout the year. The Cincinnati Art Museum is close by and has a treasure trove of 67,000 works of art including paintings and sculpture. There are many events hosted at the museum as well. The scenic Seasongood Pavilion features live music performances at its covered stage.

Eden Park is the location for Krohn Conservatory and is a popular place with its Mirror Lake, Ohio River views and walking paths. Theodore M. Berry Friendship Park is located nearby – just head down the steps to 1101 Eastern Avenue. This park has an International Plaza, pavilion, commissioned sculptures, sitting wall and bike trail.

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