Moraine, OH Real Estate For Sale

4663 S Union Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 862151
  • 33 photos
  • Sale Pending
7400 Hemple Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 861828
  • 45 photos
  • Sale Pending
5003 Wright Way Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 862882
  • 15 photos
  • Sale Pending
104 Payne Pl Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 860049
  • 55 photos
  • Sale Pending
2089 Munich Ave Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 864062
  • 49 photos
6011 Aviation Trl Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 857938
  • New Construction
  • Sale Pending
4713 Willowview Dr Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 863632
  • 28 photos
4830 Mays Ave Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 864213
  • 15 photos
4533 Lamme Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 861508
  • 28 photos
  • Sale Pending
5028 Lauderdale Dr Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 861927
  • 19 photos
  • Sale Pending
2433 Winwood Ave Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 862192
  • 9 photos
  • Sale Pending
3846 Soldiers Home Miamisburg Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 852404
  • 7 photos
4509 W Venetian Way Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 860951
  • 14 photos
  • Sale Pending
3604 Sellars Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 863866
  • 11 photos
3218 Outdoor Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 860311
  • 7 photos
  • Sale Pending
3604 Beechgrove Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 861529
  • 9 photos
2232 E River Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 863014
  • 3 photos
0 Dryden Rd Moraine, OH
  • MLS#: 729565
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Moraine, OH Community Information

Today Moraine is a well-balanced eastern Montgomery County community providing needed services for residents just minutes from Dayton's central core. Transportation has always played a major role in the area from the Great Miami River, the Erie-Miami Canal, and railroads that once served the area. Today the General Motors complex with three plants is the largest industrial company in Moraine. Homes are attractive, with their modest dignity, their beautiful shade trees, and neatly-kept grounds. These houses come in an assortment of styles from modest bungalows to larger more traditional homes.


Moraine residents use I-75 as their main roadway, but often use Rt. 4 on the western side of town to escape the high volume of traffic.


Although there are no hospitals within the borders of Moraine, major hospitals such as Children's Medical Center, Kettering Medical Center and Southview Hospital are a short drive away.


Local merchants provide general merchandise, groceries and services conveniently located for residents. Strip malls, fast food restaurants and shops for more day-to-day needs are found in several clusters. The Dayton Mall is located minutes away in adjacent Centerville with four anchor stores, and over 120 specialty shops, with a cinema and restaurants.


The city prides itself on providing eight high quality parks, facilities, and recreational programs featuring seasonal outdoor activities such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball, and soccer. Nature trails entice area walkers. The Gerhardt Civic Center and the Moraine Natatorium provides indoor activities as well as the traditional outdoor choices. Having the Great Miami River as a neighbor means there are active boat ramps and docks, in addition to the natural scenic beauty of the area. The River Corridor Bikeway extends 24 miles of pathway for bike enthusiasts. Moraine is home to Splash Moraine, the area's first wave pool splash park.

The community hosts an annual "Star Spangled Boom" Fourth of July celebration and Cardboard Boat Regatta in August.

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