Linwood, OH Real Estate For Sale

3615 Archer Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1660830
  • 47 photos
  • Sale Pending
3593 Linwood Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1639490
  • 24 photos
  • Sale Pending
4720 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1655066
3587 Linwood Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1652758
  • 39 photos
  • Sale Pending
4612 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1613659
  • 3 photos
3751 Kenilworth Pl Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1662510
  • 29 photos
4851 Greenwood Ter Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1634421
  • 7 photos
4509 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1647808
4500 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1648420
4929 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1658361
  • Sale Pending
4484 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1647801
4486 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1647803
4488 Eastern Ave Linwood, OH
  • MLS#: 1647804
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Linwood, OH Community Information

Established in 1858, Linwood was incorporated as a village in 1874 and later annexed as part of Cincinnati in 1893. Originally the land was a 1,300-acre farm owned by Louise Ann Chapman. “Linwood Heights” was one of Cincinnati’s first subdivisions. Residents originally travelled via the Little Miami Railroad and the area had its own business district. One can step back in time and tour the Pioneer Cemetery on Wilmer Avenue to learn about the lives of the first Settlers.


Linwood has a variety of home styles and price ranges. Most of the homes are older and many of them have been well loved and kept in great condition. The community is small with only 230 residents.


Columbia Parkway easily transports drivers west to downtown Cincinnati and Interstates 71 and 75 in 10 minutes; or east to SR 50. Lunken Airport is nearby.


Many of Cincinnati’s area hospitals, including Christ, Good Samaritan, Bethsda North, Jewish, Children’s Hospital Medical Center and University hospitals are within 15 minutes of this neighborhood.


Linwood has a very small business area along Eastern Avenue. Nearby Columbia-Tusculum, East End and Fairfax offer local shops and restaurants. Kenwood Towne Center is 15 minutes away and offers many national brand stores. Shopping opportunities are also available in Hyde Park and Norwood within a 10-minute drive.


Linwood Park is a nice place for a picnic or to throw a ball. Nearby Lunken Playfield and Reeves Golf Course offer even more recreational opportunities. The community has a yearly community garden.

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