Enon, OH Real Estate For Sale

20 Grand Valley Dr Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 855211
  • Sale Pending
19 Nightingale Trl Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 860339
  • 40 photos
  • Sale Pending
7336 New Horizon Avenue Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017878
  • 8 photos
  • Sale Pending
3928 New York Dr Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 859385
  • 56 photos
  • Sale Pending
4038 Schenley St Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 861781
  • 44 photos
  • Sale Pending
4038 Schenley Street Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017565
  • 44 photos
  • Sale Pending
3995 Marion Dr Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 863066
  • 31 photos
  • Sale Pending
3995 Marion Drive Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017990
  • 23 photos
  • Sale Pending
3998 Raymond Dr Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 864070
  • 25 photos
3998 Raymond Drive Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1018336
  • 25 photos
3862 Marion Drive Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017708
  • 16 photos
141 N Xenia St Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 861743
  • 19 photos
  • Sale Pending
141 N Xenia Street Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017551
  • 19 photos
  • Sale Pending
125 Davis Ave Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 860332
  • 41 photos
  • Sale Pending
125 Davis Avenue Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017144
  • 41 photos
  • Sale Pending
6909 Dayton Springfield Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 431613
New Horizon Avenue Enon, OH
  • MLS#: 1017606
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Enon, OH Community Information

Enon, which means abundance of springs, is the home of the second largest conical mound in Ohio. It’s situated in the middle of downtown on an old Indian trail, which ran between the Indian Villages of Old Piqua and Old Chillicothe. Settlers came to the area in the late 1700s and the town was incorporated in 1850 and there are now 2,500 residents .


Enon is 30 minutes northeast of Dayton, in Clark County. Escaping from the city hustle and bustle and finding more time to enjoy rural pursuits is why many residents continue to make Enon their home, and it's what entices new residents to the area. Affordable bungalows, modest single-family dwellings and ranch style homes make up the majority of home styles. New home construction is found near the interstate on the outskirts of town.


Enon’s nearest interstate is I-70, a few minutes outside town. The village is located seven and one-half miles southwest of Springfield, Ohio.


Fifteen minutes away in Springfield, Ohio are two hospitals. Springfield Regional Medical Hospital has 259 hospital beds with general medical and surgical services. The Ohio Valley Medical Center provides both inpatient and outpatient surgical care along with other medical services such as a breast center, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, sports medicine and lab services. Hospitals within a 30-mile radius include Children’s Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, all in downtown Dayton.


Nationally known Northwest Trader is located in Enon and is the foremost supplier of finished capotes, capote kits and blankets anywhere especially for theatre usage. Local Enon merchants provide general merchandise and services conveniently located for residents.

Located 20 minutes away in Beavercreek, the Mall at Fairfield Commons contains five department stores and 130 franchise clothing, shoe and specialty stores. Another option for shopping is to head into Springfield where there are several shopping plazas and retail centers.


Enon residents display a keen interest in history with an active Community Historical Society. The Indian Mound Library has one of the most active circulation desks in the county.

There are several parks in Enon. "Enon Park" has 12 acres that includes a playground area and three shelter houses. "Galloway Park" features a soccer field, shelter house and a playground area. " Settlers Park" is highlighted with a public gazebo.

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