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3103 3107 Colerain Avenue Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1738769
  • 15 photos
2620 2624 Colerain Avenue Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1742642
  • 49 photos
3113 Colerain Avenue Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1744362
  • 46 photos
2943 Jessamine Street Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1745471
  • 10 photos
2934 Sidney Avenue Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1752051
  • 8 photos
1207 Bates Avenue Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1751276
  • 15 photos
1602 Hopple Court Camp Washington, OH
  • MLS#: 1729266
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Camp Washington, OH Community Information

Located just six miles from downtown Cincinnati, Camp Washington was the site of muster and drill grounds of the first and second regiments of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. The “Camp” was also the location of the first Ohio State Fair.

Camp Washington is a manufacturing area and has been the location for over 150 businesses including the Hillshire Farm & Kahn’s Company, Andrew Jergens Company (now KAO Brands), Queen City Sausage, Meyer Tool and Osborne Coinage. It is also home to 1,763 residents who enjoy living in the “Camp”.


The community is a great place for affordable living. There are older, 19th-century homes – many which have been rehabbed and updated – nestled among industrial spaces. The community has several organizations to keep its vibrancy and growth headed towards the future: The Camp Washington Community Board specializes in saving and rehabbing homes. Camp Washington Community Council is the forum for residents to share ideas and the Camp Washington Business Association is the group where local businesses network and advocate for the community.


Camp Washington is just seconds from Interstate 75 and is a less than 10 minute drive to downtown Cincinnati. Queen City Metro services Camp Washington seven days a week to and from the downtown area with express service during peak periods.


Children’s Hospital Medical Center operates the Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center on the corner Beekman Avenue and Hopple Street offering pediatric care. Mercy Health West Hospital is within 10 minutes of the area. All other Cincinnati hospitals are 20 minutes away. The area is also convenient to the Western Hills Medical Center. Other Cincinnati hospitals including The University Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, The Christ Hospital and Children’s Hospital Medical Center are within 5-10 minutes.


Camp Washington Chili is an iconic local restaurant (featured on the Man vs Food television show) and has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1940. Other local restaurants include Steak and Lemonade and U.S .Chili. Into theater? The Schnez Theatrical Supply company has been providing costumes for local productions since 1965.

There are a few local places (such as Northside Hardware) to shop for minor needs, but it is best to head into Price Hill or Western Hills for major shopping. Price Hill has local grocers and butchers to frequent as well as miles of retail outlets on Warsaw and Glenway Avenues, including a “super store” branch of a major grocery chain. It is 15 minutes to the Western Hills-Western Woods Shopping complex and Glenway Crossing comprised of some 70 shops, 3 department store branches and branch banking facilities. There is also easy access to Delhi Pike and the excellent shopping facilities offered there.

Or, head eastward into Clifton – which is seven minutes away by car – for local shops and restaurants.


Visit the American Sign Museum to gaze at signs created in bygone years. Large and small, these signs were used to advertise local businesses. Or, head over to the Wave Pool: A Contemporary Art Fulfillment Center with rotating modern art exhibits.

Camp Washington Urban Farm raises livestock and grows vegetables for food the city’s food pantries.

Camp Washington has an outdoor pool and basketball court. Valley Park features play apparatus and swings.

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