Williamstown, KY Real Estate For Sale

Noah S Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 602715
  • 9 photos
Lot 2 Noah's Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 540184
  • 15 photos
Lot 1 Noah's Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 540179
  • 15 photos
16 Skyway Drive Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 527734
  • 2 photos
105 Heekin Clarks Creek Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 605684
  • 50 photos
Lot B Conrad Lane Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 543533
Lot 3 Noah's Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 540182
  • 15 photos
Lot D Conrad Lane Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 543534
350 Leon Boulevard Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 608179
  • 48 photos
  • Sale Pending
125 Lynnwood Drive Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 555085
  • 47 photos
Lot 2B Noahs Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 602716
  • 8 photos
000 Stone School House Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 603285
  • 41 photos
2065 Turner Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 607235
  • 50 photos
10085 Taft Highway HWY Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 606780
  • 38 photos
10500 Taft HWY Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 607781
  • 16 photos
980 Jacob Drive Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 608018
  • 32 photos
121 Regency Court Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 608185
  • 48 photos
3571 Heekin Lawrenceville Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 606881
  • 49 photos
275 Hill Drive Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 605793
  • 27 photos
Lot 4 Noah's Way Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 540181
  • 15 photos
  • Sale Pending
345 Fairview Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 606872
  • 50 photos
  • Sale Pending
8430 Dixie HWY Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 550729
  • 19 photos
122 Arlington Court Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 603026
  • 4 photos
  • Sale Pending
1780 Mt Camel Road Williamstown, KY
  • MLS#: 608072
  • 40 photos
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Williamstown, KY Community Information

Revolutionary War Captain William Arnold who donated the land to establish the city in 1820. Although it was first named Philadelphia, the name was changed to Williamstown, honoring Captain Arnold, after discovering another city in Kentucky had already claimed that name. Arnold’s original log cabin is part of the historic downtown.


Williamstown is the star attraction as the county seat for Grant County located about 35 miles from downtown Cincinnati. The city is continuing to attract new residents annually at a growth rate of about 6%. The town itself is less than a mile wide but it’s packed full of everything county residents need from banks, to hardware and insurance companies. Just over 3,900 residents call Williamstown home, ensuring that there’s plenty of room to call your own. Grant County is primarily a farming community, and Williamstown is where social, political and entertainment needs are met. The historic downtown houses the shopping, restaurants and activities that are the destination for residents. Housing ranges from farmhouses to turn of the century construction to newer brick residences. (Williamstown is also located in Pendleton County)


I-75 is the major artery through Grant County; St. Rts. 25 (Dixie Highway), and 22 (Falmouth Road), along with Knoxville and Fairview Roads provide access through the city. The Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport provides air transport.


Northern Kentucky’s sprawling St. Elizabeth operates a satellite hospital here-St. Elizabeth Grant County- along with 24-hour medical transport from the area. Williamstown Volunteer Fire Department provides EMS service to the village residents.


Daily needs are easily met in this growing community, from groceries to clothes to appliances, with major shopping centers in Florence 30 minutes away, or in nearby Georgetown or Lexington. Locals enjoy stopping at Elmer’s General Store & Ice Cream.


Williamstown is the center for activities in Grant County from performing arts, to theater, and music at "The Old Star Theatre". The "Ark Encounter" (a life-sized Noah’s ark that has made world-wide news) is located nearby. This massive boat is the largest timber-framed structure in the US. Several outdoor festivals enliven the spring and summer months.

Wide-open spaces allow residents the space to tackle any outdoor pursuits with boating at the top of the list. Just minutes away is 350-acre "Williamstown Lake" – the center of recreational life for residents and popular with boaters and fishermen. "Williamstown Marina" is open to the public from April through September. The" Williamstown Family Fun Park" offers recreation during the warmer months.

Nearby "Kincaid Lake State Park" is also popular with those who enjoy the outdoors. "Taylor Racing at Cowtown" offers an indoor motoplex year round, with two outdoor tracks weather permitting. Nearby vineyards and a winery invite oenophiles to visit. Avid gardeners include a stop at "Betty’s Iris Gardens" where over 1000 hybrids scent the summer air.

Williamstown has several city parks. "Webb Park" offers picnic shelters, tennis and basketball courts as well as a playground. "J.B. Miller Park" has 35 acres of natural space and a 10-acre lake. "City Center Park" is in the city’s central business district and offers green space for relaxing.

The city hosts various yearly events for the community including an annual Ice Cream Social, Derby Day, US 25 Yard Sale, Party in the Park and Paddle Williamstown.

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