Ft. Wright, KY Real Estate For Sale

413 Glengarry Way Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 608060
  • 26 photos
441 Goebel Court Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 608082
  • 39 photos
1708 Highland Place Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 608163
  • 41 photos
375 Parkside Place Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 604605
  • 33 photos
1986 Williamscreek Way Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 606824
  • 36 photos
1761 High Point Drive Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607853
  • Code: 3321
  • 38 photos
1820 Mount Vernon Drive Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607989
  • Code: 2528
  • 44 photos
  • Sale Pending
1734 Mount Vernon Drive Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607057
  • Code: 8452
  • 33 photos
  • Sale Pending
13 W Henry Clay Avenue Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607651
  • 17 photos
  • Sale Pending
121 Basswood Circle Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607558
  • 25 photos
  • Sale Pending
1638 Castle Hill Lane Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607569
  • 31 photos
  • Sale Pending
1563 Don Martin Drive Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 608070
  • 39 photos
797 Highland Avenue Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 608133
  • 30 photos
  • Sale Pending
1657 Amsterdam Road Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 605742
  • 18 photos
  • Sale Pending
1702 Valley Drive Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 602425
  • 2 photos
  • Sale Pending
1735 Amsterdam Road Fort Wright, KY
  • MLS#: 607570
  • 18 photos
  • Sale Pending
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Ft. Wright, KY Community Information

To look at this pleasant, progressive community one would never guess what an exciting past it has. This is where General Horatio Governeur Wright helped defend the area against the Confederate invasion at the fortification called Fort Wright.


More than a century later, Ft. Wright has progressed into a quiet, charming community. Freshly paved streets form a winding ribbon that encircles its hills and byways in a graceful contour of housing developments and scenic neighborhoods. Although the homes are interestingly varied in age, design and size, they are consistently imbued with a look of solid prosperity. Throughout Ft. Wright, the manner of residents is friendly, outgoing and congenial. It is always a happy choice for those who are looking for a home in an attractive, well-established community of 5,700 residents. The city’s motto is: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.


T.A.N.K. buses serve the Dixie Highway area. Downtown Cincinnati is a 5-minute drive via I-75. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is a 10-15 minute drive via I-275.


The hospitals are St. Elizabeth Medical Center South, St. Elizabeth Medical Center North, St. Elizabeth West and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Children's Hospital is located in Cincinnati.


The Tower Hill Plaza offers many small specialty shops. Buttermilk Towne Center and Crestview Hills Town Center are easily reached within 5-15 minutes.


The" James A. Ramage Civil War Museum" in Fort Wright informs visitors about the defence of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Both public and private golf courses, pools and tennis courts are easily accessible to Ft. Wright residents.

There are several parks and memorials in Fort Wright. "Battery Hooper Park" is the place where Civil War enactments are hosted. Veterans’ Memorial, The "Garden for the Blind" is located next to Fort Wright City Hall and features plants at counter height along a concrete wall so people who are wheelchair bound can enjoy them. For the visually impaired, the park offers “nature that can be heard” include rustling grasses, a waterfall, as well as plants that can be touched and smelled. Other parks include "Volunteer Park", "Fort Tot Park" and the "Nature Center trails". (The expansive Devou Park is adjacent to the Fort Wright.)

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