Ft. Mitchell, KY Real Estate For Sale

194 Kruempelman Dr Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 515407
  • 3 photos
  • New Construction
188 Kruempelman Dr Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 523184
  • 3 photos
  • New Construction
141 Seville Ct Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 529746
  • 33 photos
10 Fort Mitchell Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 529560
  • 45 photos
3 Dartmouth Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 529533
  • 2 photos
5 Princeton Ave Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 530295
  • Code: 5090
  • 41 photos
  • Sale Pending
324 Cherrywood Dr Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532571
  • 49 photos
56 Woodlawn Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532930
  • 40 photos
54 Virginia Ave Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 531885
  • 34 photos
  • Sale Pending
85 Pleasant Ridge Ave Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532592
  • 40 photos
  • Sale Pending
3200 Madison Pike Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 529797
  • 6 photos
16 Charmaine Cir Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 531087
  • Code: 8650
  • 21 photos
2161 Tantallon Dr Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 533081
  • 32 photos
227 Beechwood Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532754
  • Code: 6533
  • 28 photos
1807 Highland Ave Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532782
  • 4 photos
2399 Rolling Hills Fort Mitchell, KY
  • MLS#: 532797
  • 26 photos
  • Sale Pending
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Ft. Mitchell, KY Community Information

Fort Mitchell is an appealing city, well known for its lovely homes, tree-lined streets, and strong community spirit. There are 8, 200 residents. Historically, Fort Mitchell was the site of a Civil War fortification built to defend the area. The city was named for Ormsby M. Mitchel, who designed the fortifications.


One of the oldest suburbs in the area, it remains today one of the most desirable. People of all ages enjoy the gracious friendly ambiance. Properties in Fort Mitchell vary in age, and include large newer homes in well designed subdivisions, as well as fine older homes on beautifully landscaped lots.


Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (T.A.N.K.) buses serve the Ft. Mitchell area. Via I-75, driving time to downtown Cincinnati is 5-10 minutes, 15 minutes to Florence Industrial Park, and 15 minutes to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.


St. Elizabeth and St. Elizabeth West hospitals are both within 10 minutes. The University of Cincinnati Medical Center is a 20 minute drive. Children's Hospital is located in Cincinnati.


Fort Mitchell shopping area serves daily needs. Major shopping areas in downtown Cincinnati, Covington, Crestview Hills Town Center, Buttermilk Towne Center, and Florence Mall can be reached within 15 minutes.


"Fort Mitchell Country Club", which has a golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool, and "Beechwood Swim Club" is a private club within the city. A public golf course is located nearby. A community highlight is the "Vent Haven Museum", the world’s only museum dedicated to ventriloquism with memorabilia including 700 dolls and objects. The "Highland Cemetery" has 250 acres of land dedicated to wildlife, many of which are used as nature trails. This beautiful final resting place has many prominent and historial people buried there.

There are three parks in Fort Mitchell. "Iris Road Park" is small and offers a basketball court as well as lovely green spaces. "Crescent Park" has a play area and basketball court. The "General Ormsby Mitchel Park" features a large play area, picnic space, baseball and soccer fields as well as basketball, volley ball and tennis courts.

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