Greensburg, IN Real Estate For Sale

3736 N Co Road 150 W Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 194979
  • 65 photos
624 Veterans Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 305578
2066 N CO RD 850E Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 194975
  • 24 photos
0 S Sr 46 Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 194847
325 W Main St Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 305404
  • 4 photos
1405 S Co Rd 60 E Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 194602
  • 18 photos
703 E Kessler Blvd Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 195157
  • 47 photos
5278 S County Road 700 E Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 195056
  • 15 photos
  • Sale Pending
708 S Maureen Rd Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 195196
  • 20 photos
1724 E Base Rd Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 194917
  • 61 photos
  • Sale Pending
208 S Franklin St Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 195174
  • 21 photos
126 E North St Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 195145
  • 25 photos
321 S Michigan Ave Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 305392
  • 9 photos
7012 E Co Road 640 N Greensburg, IN
  • MLS#: 192694
  • 15 photos
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Greensburg, IN Community Information

Greensburg is known as Indiana’s Tower Tree City, named for the trees growing from the northwest corner of the courthouse tower, 110 feet above the ground. The tree was first spotted in 1870 and has been thriving ever since!


About an hour drive from Cincinnati, Greensburg is the county seat for Decatur County, located 55 miles northwest of Cincinnati. With just over 10,000 residents, Greensburg is the center of activity for the county. Just as with other mainly rural counties, the town functions as political, entertainment, and social focus of the area. About evenly located between Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Greensburg is poised for future growth as the new home of incoming Honda Manufacturing’s 7th North American automobile plant. With Honda’s operations anticipated fall 2008 kickoff, Decatur County and Greensburg expect future growth in the region.


Greensburg is easily reached off Interstate 74 and the intersections of St. Rts. 421, 46, and 3. A railroad and a busy bus line serve residents. Greensburg is a likely train stop on the proposed high-speed rail line between Indianapolis and Cincinnati. This line is part of the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative master plan in planning for the midwestern US. The Greensburg/Decatur Regional Airport is nearby, with the Indianapolis International and Greater Cincinnati International Airport the nearest international airports.


Decatur Memorial Hospital provides emergency and intensive care services for the county.


Greensburg’s historic downtown buzzes with lots of shopping, from craft, antique and specialty shops to farmers markets and daily necessities. Just minutes away, the Edinburg Premium Outlets is Central Indiana’s premium outlet mall offering bargains to all shoppers.


Decatur County uses Greensburg as its entertainment hub. The Arts and Cultural Council offers performances throughout the year; a community gym seats 4000 for additional entertainments. It’s home as well to the Decatur County Historical Society Museum, a new YMCA, and a Skate Park. Four nearby golf courses, skydiving, and kayaking keep the outdoor lover busy. Nearby is a 16-acre park complete with a stocked lake: paddle boats, fishing, playgrounds, and more! The Bicentennial Bicycle trail winds through here as well as the southeast Indian Trails to Freedom tour that includes stop at the Decatur County Courthouse. Festivals offer fun year round from the Fiddlefest or an agricultural nod to the Power of the Past Festival, with activities running from April to December. Explorers can jump in the car for tours of Round Barns, Amish Barns, and Iron Bridges.

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