Why Use a Sibcy Cline Realtor® When Building a New Home?

Why Use a Realtor?

Many people don't realize how a cooperative effort between a new home buyer, a Realtor® and a residential builder benefits everyone involved in the construction process. New home buyers face the same problems as existing home buyers or value-conscious consumers purchasing any product or service.

How can a new home buyer find out about all the options available and obtain the information to make comparisons in a timely and relatively stress-free manner?

  • By working with a Realtor®, you have a central resource about dozens of new home communities and an access to a revealing wealth of information about new homes and builders.
  • There is a common misconception that by eliminating a Realtor®; from the transaction, a buyer can save the equivalent of the agent Realtor®'s commission on a new home. In fact, many of our area builders value the well-qualified buyers brought to them by Realtors®, so much so that sales agent commissions are considered part of the builder's promotional budget, rather than a negotiable component of a home's purchase price. The bottom line is that buyers probably will not receive any discount on the purchase of a new home by not working with an agent.
  • Even more important, buyers will have an experienced real estate professional representing them and negotiating on their behalf. These professional services for the buyer, save valuable time, supply more complete market information, and allow a buyer to find a new home at the best price and with less hassle.

The most important and largest investment many people make is the buying of real estate. Sibcy Cline's Realtors®; take a complicated maze of regulations and requirements and through their knowledge of the real estate market and their expertise, manage to turn it into a smooth, satisfying transaction for their client. From understanding legal issues to negotiations, having a trained real estate professional on your side can mean the difference between a regrettable experience or a smooth, rewarding transaction.

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